Microbe Ninja™ Virus-Fighting Products Natural, Earth-Made Ingredients!

Whether it’s our EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant, our home, and pet deodorizer, or our eye and ear wash for your pet, these amazing naturally derived products are alcohol-free, have a clean and fresh smell, and are extraordinarily effective!

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Microbe Ninja™ products are made from only salt, water, and electricity. This process is what makes Hypochlorous Acid, a natural solution for preventing skin dryness (due to the use of traditional, alcohol-based sanitizer products). Microbe Ninja is an excellent non-toxic product to use for cleaning floors, walls, rugs, counters, showers, just about anything in the house including pet areas!

Microbe Ninja™ Hand & Skin Cleanser 2 fl. oz. spray


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Microbe Ninja™ Hand & Skin Cleanser 8 fl. oz. spray


Microbe Ninja™ Hand & Skin Cleanser 16 fl. oz. spray


Microbe Ninja™ Multi-Purpose Cleanser 16 fl. oz. spray


Microbe Ninja™ Multi-Purpose Cleanser Quart Bottle 32oz


Microbe Ninja™ Disinfectant/Sanitizer 1 qt.


Microbe Ninja™ Disinfectant/Sanitizer 4 qts.


Microbe Ninja™ Disinfectant/Sanitizer 1 gal.


Microbe Ninja™ Disinfectant/Sanitizer 2 gals.


Microbe Ninja™ Pet & Home Deodorizer 16 fl. oz. spray


Microbe Ninja™ VetSafe+Wound & Skin Solution 8 fl. oz spray


Microbe Ninja™ VetSafe+ Eye & Ear Wash 8 fl. oz.


Microbe Ninja™ VetSafe+ Poultry & Avian Care 8 fl. oz


As an environmentally conscious brand, we are focused on helping people live better lives in an increasingly contaminated world, and we believe that our success will have a tremendous impact on the safety, health, and wellness of people all around the world!

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Discover Microbe NInja’s Hospital-Grade Disinfectant “Sanitization Uses” Beyond its 30-day Disinfectant Shelf-Life! The EPA (as listed on its List N) has given Microbe Ninja Hospital-Grade Disinfectant approval for a 30-day shelf-life for clinical disinfection use, but after that, the sanitizing uses can go on for years. Microbe Ninja founder, Adam Zax, discusses, tests, and shows the results of the sanitizing uses of Microbe Ninja Hospital-Grade Disinfectant after the 30-day shelf-life has expired. You will be surprised to see the results!


One of our most popular products! Microbe Ninja’s All-Natural Hand & Skin Cleanser! Kids Love it!
Microbe Ninja founder, Adam Zax,
introduces the Microbe Ninja Hand & Skin Cleanser as a great alternative to all the products you’ve been “told” to use, especially during the pandemic. Our skin cleanser does NOT contain alcohol, which DRYS OUT YOUR SKIN!

Microbe Ninja founder, Adam Zax, demonstrates the effectiveness of Microbe Ninja products as compared to traditional disinfectant and cleanser products that contain alcohol, pesticides, and other types of poisons to do a proper job of disinfection. You’ll be surprised at the results!

Microbe Ninja founder, Adam Zax, demonstrates the effectiveness of the Microbe Ninja Hand & Skin Cleanser as compared to traditional disinfectant and cleanser products. Watch to the end to see the amazing results!

The Active Ingredient!

Hypochlorous Acid is naturally found in the human body and replicated by scientists by running an electrical charge through a combination of salt and water. This electro-chemical reaction produces hypochlorous acid within a solution now known as anolyte water and paves the way for a new generation of health and cleanliness.

A Natural Weapon

Hypochlorous acid, produced naturally in the human body, works to break down the cells that are creating the infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting the replication or growth process.

Hypochlorous acid (in a stabilized form) is a weapon to use against the countless invaders that threaten the systems of your body or the cleanliness of your environment. Our homes, workplaces, kids, pets, farms, and food are all vulnerable to germs, bacteria, infection, or disease. Your body naturally produces hypochlorous acid to fight the battle against these harmful invaders from within.

Microbe Ninja is the Hygienic Division of Diamon-Fusion International, a global leader in automated coating systems since 1997.

Regarding products making claims to kill the coronavirus causing COVID-19:

EPA Compliance Advisory

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